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A commonly held perception regarding Vedas is their prejudice against Shudras.

Vedas are accused of being Brahminical texts designed to subdue the Shudras.

The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything.

They should eat animals without performing any rituals. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha.

My name is zeid aapke mail mil rahe he or sab meri kahani ki tarif kar rahe bohat khusi mili aapsab ke mail ye kahani bhi aap sabko pasand aaye to plz muje mail karna mat bhulna.

zeid_180@ya us waqt ki bat ha jab main 10 main parhata tha.

When he saw that the moral law of conduct was declining he went to conquer all the directions of his country with ten-thousand soldiers commanded by Kalidasa.

The entire pro-Dalit movement also has its foundation on this baseless notion. In this series of articles, we would provide evidence from Vedas and related texts to establish the following:a.The only mistake he made was that he presented a completely opposite picture of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) compared to what Bhavishya Puran actually writes. option=com_content&view=article&id=201&Itemid=131) provides an excellent analysis of the relevant portions of Bhavishya Puran with scans of original texts and dictionary meanings of the key words.In summary, the actual meaning of the verses is as follows:“Shri Suta Goswami said that a demon called Tripurasur who was earlier burnt to ashes by Shiva has taken birth again in form of Mahamada (Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of an evil ghost.The ghost was rebuked by Kalidas as “O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all.Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord .

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Before we begin our journey of solving the caste-puzzle through Vedas, let us start with certain worship mantras from Vedas that mention Shudras: Whatever crime we have committed against my village, forest or committee; whatever crime we have committed through our organs, whatever crime we have committed against Shudras and Vaishyas, whatever crime we have done in matters of Dharma, kindly forgive us relieve us from the tendency of the same.